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My fic lives at my Archive of Our Own page. Some of its been posted here, too. But some hasn't, so AO3 is the best place to find most of it.

The majority of it is for Tamora Pierce (Tortall-verse) and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The rest (right now) is Tamora Pierce (Emelan-verse), Angel, Firefly, Across the Universe, and Catherine Christian's retelling of Arthurian legend.

Sometimes I have Tamora Pierce fic (both universes) at the Goldenlake message board before I bother to archive it.
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This is a new project of mine -- as long as I have a paid account here & can do voice posts, I thought I'd start using some of them to record podfic. Apologies for the unpolished nature of these recordings; I'm a writer, more than a performer, so I'm really just reading. My hope is that the fics I choose to read will speak for themselves, without the need for specialized voices or sound effects.

Also, please comment here if there's a particular story (mine, yours, or written by someone else who will give permission for me to record it) in one of my fandoms that you'd like to see as a podfic. I make no promises, but I would like to know what people are interested in.

TitleAuthorFandomTextAudio (LJ voice posts)
Some Kind of Arrangement[ profile] peroxidepirate Tamora Pierce (Emelan)here, on AO3Part 1 (00:04:24)
Part 2 (00:03:08)


Sep. 28th, 2010 12:07 am
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I'm sure I'm on record somewhere, saying I'm not an OTP sort of girl. There's so many possibilities, you see. )
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Title: Wide World Before Me
Fandom: Tamora Pierce (Emelan universe)
Length: approx. 10,000 words
Characters: Daja, Tris, Sandry, Briar, Polyam, Kirel
Pairing: hints of Daja/Polyam, so kind of femslash
Rating: R (due to one scene that deals with war, alludes to rape, and includes the death of a minor character)
Summary: In the months after Will of the Empress, Daja and the rest of the Circle work toward finding a way to heal.

Notes: This was written as a series of ficlets, for the August 2010 prompts at the LJ 31_days community. As such, it's not necessarily a complete story, though all of the ficlets are connected and (except for one rearrangement at the very end) all are sequential. Eventually I'd like to expand this and fill in some of the gaps between ficlets, but for now, I thought I might as well post it here.




It was still summer in Emelan: real summer, the kind Namorn would never know. )
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Title: Man, Woman or Dancing Bear
Fandom: Emelan (Tamora Pierce)
Rating: PG
Length: 1000 words
Summary: One fall day, Tris and Little Bear make a new acquaintance: a man named Arthur, who also answers to Bear.

Note: There's that quasi-canon comment about Tris's future husband being a were-bear (but not in a literal sense). I thought that would be a fun thing to explore - and I am a literal minded person.

There's no breeze anywhere else. Are you a mage? )
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Title: Wondering
Fandom: Emelan (Tamora Pierce)
Rating: PG
Length: 400 words
Summary: While fleeing Namorn, Daja and Sandry talk.

Do we have to have this conversation? Daja thought. )
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Here's another response to a drabble request.

This one is for [ profile] kitty_ryan , because I sometimes have an incredibly literal mind.Another Emelan drabble! )
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Look, now I have a Beka Cooper icon! (For added geekery, the font is called "Cooper.")  I'm still too sick to go anywhere (just a cold, but an ugly one), and having a hard time making decisions. But I wrote some drabbles.

For [ profile] q_sama  ,an Emelan drabble )

For [ profile] pineappleyness , a Provost's Dog drabble )

I'm also still taking drabble requests over here. :)

Icon Meme!

May. 22nd, 2010 12:30 pm
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.... 'Cause I haven't done one in a while, and I have me some snazzy new icons. I'm gonna cheat & use more than one for some questions.

(Gakked from [ profile] bradcpu  while I was browsing for Buffy fic.)

Icon to the left: Image: Leelee Sobieski in Joan of Arc
Character: standing in for Keladry of Mindelan (Tortall)
Text: lyrics from Dar Williams, "The Easy Way"

icon picspam under the cut! )
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This question has been kicking around in my brain for a while: what makes certain things more fandom- and fanfic-ready than others? Why do we decide to fic the things we fic?

I can only answer for myself, of course. I'm interested in hearing whether the conclusions I reach apply to others, as well.

For me, a fic-friendly canon has to be or include three things: the characters have to be compelling, the universe has to be compelling, and the story has to be – or at least feel – incomplete.

Read more... )
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Title: Some Kind of Arrangement (podfic, part 2 of 2)
Rating: PG
Fandom: Tamora Pierce (Emelan verse)
Disclaimer: These characters and their universe are not owned by me.
Characters: Tris, Duke Vedris
Summary: Tris is at loose ends. The Duke has a proposal for her.

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Title: Some Kind of Arrangement (podfic, part 1 of 2)
Rating: PG
Fandom: Tamora Pierce (Emelan verse)
Disclaimer: These characters and their universe are not owned by me.
Characters: Tris, Duke Vedris
Summary: Tris is at loose ends. The Duke has a proposal for her.

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Meme borrowed from [info]ubiquitous_girl . because [info]treanz  tagged me.

Fandom: Tamora Pierce (all books)

fun waste of time under the cut! )

anyone else who wants to do this.
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Today was my day off, and I spent an insanely large part of it copying fics over to AO3, then futzing around with tags, ratings, formatting & so on. I believe that I've now archived all the stories I've posted, anywhere, since I got re-involved in online fandom earlier this year. Except one, which I'm clearly not going to finish & I decided I don't like that much anyway. (Oh yeah, I'm PeroxidePirate there, too.)

buncha stats + link to a brand new Firefly fic under the cut! )

I had some other thoughts on Yuletide (I'm stuck! Meep!) and Real Life (dogs + rain =/= fun; bleached-blond hair "temporarily" dyed black = Big Adventures in Coloration)... but, again, need to do something else with the rest of my evening. Like fix the hair color. Or focus on the new source material that's going to save my butt in the Yuletide exchange. But we'll see.
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Title: Being Thankful
Rating: PG
Fandom: Tamora Pierce (Emelan)
Disclaimer: Just playing, no profit. I don't own these characters, this universe, or anything else of value.
Characters: Lark, Rosethorn, Sandry, Daja, Tris, Briar
Summary: quick little Thanksgiving fic: Rosethorn is still recovering from her close call, and the residents of Discipline are grateful to be together. Some Lark/Rosethorn smushiness, too.

Read more... )
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In case there's anybody on my f-list who'd be interested in this, and hasn't already heard about it via the Goldenlake message board, I'm pimping the new community I started:

The Tortall Twenty Fanfic Project

This is dedicated to fan fiction based on the books of Tamora Pierce. We'll start out with a set of 20 prompts, organized around a particular theme. You can claim a character, situation, or pairing. Your challenge is to write fics/ ficlets/ drabbles for all of the prompts in the set. There's no time limit, and it's not competitive, it's just for kicks. It's called "Tortall Twenty," but claims based on Tamora Pierce's other universe, Emelan, are equally welcome.

Follow the link above for more details & to stake your claim. The prompt list will (I hope) be up by this weekend. Membership is open to anybody.
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Title: Some Kind of Arrangement
Rating: PG
Fandom: Tamora Pierce (Circle verse)
Disclaimer: These characters and their universe are not owned by me.
Characters: Tris, Duke Vedris
Summary: Tris is at loose ends. The Duke has a proposal for her.

The story... )


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