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Today was my day off, and I spent an insanely large part of it copying fics over to AO3, then futzing around with tags, ratings, formatting & so on. I believe that I've now archived all the stories I've posted, anywhere, since I got re-involved in online fandom earlier this year. Except one, which I'm clearly not going to finish & I decided I don't like that much anyway. (Oh yeah, I'm PeroxidePirate there, too.)

I've posted 32 stories, categorized as follows:

By fandom:
  • 18 Buffyverse: 17 BtVS, 3 of which are crosslisted with AtS and 3 with BtVS:Comics; and 1 AtS only.
  • 11 Tamora Pierce: 8 Tortall universe, 3 Emelan universe (which doesn't have an official fandom category yet)
  • 3 Firefly, crosslisted with Serenity (including this one, which is brand new!)
(If my old computer (or my even older computer) was operational, I'd also re-post the dozen or so Tamora Pierce fics I wrote in 2002-2004-ish... but it's not, and I'm too lazy to try and track them down online. Meh.)

By category:
  • 12 F/F
  • 7 gen
  • 6 F/M
  • 4 "other" (including 3 threesome fics and Show Me, which is maybe technically gen...)
  • 2 M/M
  • 1 multi-pairing (actually a 5 things fic that includes 4 het pairings & 1 F/F. Or 3 het, 1 threesome, and 1 F/F, depending on how you look at it.)
(I categorized these based on the main pairing only. So, for instance, a het piece that includes an incidental F/F pairing is listed as het, not multi. And a piece that's not remotely about romance, but does happen to include mentions of characters that are in relationships, is listed as gen.)

By rating:
  • 14 rated G (general audiences)
  • 9 rated T (teen)
  • 7 rated M (mature)
  • 2 rated E (explicit)
(This threw me for a loop, because I usually rate my stuff using the U.S. movie ratings, and I had rated approximately none of it G. So for the most part, everything that's a PG here is a G there... but I had to think about it each time, and I think there were a couple that I bumped up to T because I thought they were closer to PG-13 than to G.)

By warning:
  • 28 none of these warning apply
  • 2 underage (teenagers in sexual relationships. non-explicit, and both take place in the Tortall universe, where the age of majority is 15)
  • 1 major character death (although Joss Whedon actually killed most of them; the ones I killed didn't stay dead)
  • 1 "choose not to warn" (dub con + E rating + character who was a teenager in canon, although I set the fic sometime after she turned 18. I didn't feel quite right tagging it "no warning")

My total number of words is, very roughly estimated, about 36000. Not bad, considering. The longest story (5000 words) and the shortest (40 words) are both Tamora Pierce fics.

And I was going to list some stats on characters, but a lot of those tags are still kinda messed up. And they'll have to stay that way because I seriously need to do something that is else with my evening.

I had some other thoughts on Yuletide (I'm stuck! Meep!) and Real Life (dogs + rain =/= fun; bleached-blond hair "temporarily" dyed black = Big Adventures in Coloration)... but, again, need to do something else with the rest of my evening. Like fix the hair color. Or focus on the new source material that's going to save my butt in the Yuletide exchange. But we'll see.

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Date: 2009-12-03 03:58 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh, I see. You're one of those prolific writers who actually update their LJ more than once a month. :-)

It's all good and I'm happy your writing took off. I've even finished reading that first Alanna book, so I'm at least starting to have some vague notion of what's up in the Tamora Pierce universe.

Your talking about your old Pierce fics makes me think of the two Xena stories I wrote waaaaaay back in the day. I'm thinking now I should dig them out, heavily re-work them, and post them.

Oh well. Keep it up!

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Date: 2009-12-03 02:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
"You're one of those prolific writers"

Yeah, it doesn't seem like I update that much, but evidently I do. (p.s. You've got almost as many listed in your story index as I do, and iirc, none of yours are drabbles. Prolific, yes?)

I actually think having an LJ is not good for my writing. The Buffy fics I'm most proud of -- incidentally, some of the longest -- I wrote months before I ever started posting. So, new goal: focus on quality, and don't worry about how often I update.

"Oh well. Keep it up!"

Yeah, you too! And thanks for the encouragement!


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