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I wrote 24 Tortall-verse ficlets in the last week! Rather than post them all directly here, I decided to organize them on  AO3 and just provide links. (I do plan to just did put them up at Goldenlake's King's Own fan fiction archive as well.) Unless otherwise noted, these are all Kel/Uline, collections totaling 600 to 1200 words each, and rated T/PG-13. Also, I don't own any of these characters or settings, I'm just playing, transformative works, etc.

Knightly Virtues: Uline of Hannalof made a point of seeking out Page Keladry of Mindelan to offer encouragement and support. What if there was more to it than that? Series of seven ficlets set just after Kel and Uline meet for the first time.

One Small Change: AU in which Alanna's true identity was never publicly revealed. It seems like a small change, but twenty years later, Kel's life is very different as a result. Includes 4 Kel/Uline ficlets, and my lone Kel/Wyldon entry. This AU may show up in my future Smackdown entries, or it could become a series in its own right (depending on whether I can get that Firefly Big Bang done early).

Larger Than Life (R, 120 words): Short, immediate angst. From the outside looking in, Kel can do anything. But even the strongest have demons their loved ones don't always see. (Warning for possibly-triggery depression.)

At Fief Hannalof (R): Kel goes visiting. Six ficlets based on the quasi-canon fact (author-confirmed, but not in an actual book) that Kel's sister married one of Uline's relatives.

Random Ficlets: Mostly fluff, which didn't fit into any of the above. Includes "More than Pretty," in which the Royal Ladies are as useful as they are decorative; "Joining Forces," in which Kel is outnumbered by Uline and Alanna; and 3 other pieces.


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