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I have so much to say, in terms of fandom stuff, and I don't have time for all of it now. So, in five twenty minutes...

First I have to rec the Yuletide story I received: It's Beautiful and So Are You, by mjules. It's for Across the Universe, one of my favorite movies, and it's everything I could have possibly hoped. It takes place after the movie, deals with themes of home and family and Prudence's experience as an Asian-American and as a lesbian from a culture (the mid-20th century American midwest) that's not exactly accepting of either one. Plus, it's even Prudence/Lucy in a believable way. It's just fantastic. It's been a whole week now, and I'm still just grinning in happiness. I love it. Everyone: go read it!

And by the way, if you like Across the Universe, and especially if you think it was great, but would have been even better if it was more gay... go and browse the Yuletide listings. You won't be disappointed. (Oh yeah, I wrote a 500-word Max/Jude fic over there, too.)

Second, I have to take just a moment to squee in delight over the fandom I wrote for, The Sword and the Flame (also called The Pendragon), by Catherine Christian. It's a retelling of Arthurian legend, from Bedivere's perspective -- but merely describing it like that doesn't begin to do the book justice. It's so dense, so real, so beautifully written that there were whole passages I literally could not stop myself from reading out loud. It's so magical, in places (Arthur's Kingmaking ceremony, for instance), that the memory is literally in my brain as though I witnessed it rather than simply reading it. It's an amazing book, and it's all thanks to [ profile] rosemaryandrue  that I found it. (Ok, actually I haven't finished the book yet. I hate the end of the story, with the betrayal and the losing the war and the Britain getting taken over... I just can't bring myself to finish it yet. But I will.)

Third, not directly Yuletide-related, but... I just saw Chicago for the first time, and it was awesome! I seem to be on a musical kick. Anyway, I'm not crazy about Roxie, even though -- if you accept that most of the musical numbers are fantasies generated in her mind -- OMG she is so gay (and I think this is clear, but: I mean that as a compliment. Always.) However, I ship Velma Kelly/Mama Morton so hard right now... I'm either gonna write the hell out of it, or keep it in mind as a request for Yuletide next year. Or maybe both. :)

.Fourth, I'm not doing the whole recs-post thing after all. But I did bookmark a bunch of stuff I liked, so if anyone's interested, it's here. In a nutshell, it's mostly classic film slash, kids' lit femslash, sci-fi novel happy endings, everything I could find based on the Diana Wynne Jones books I've read (because there are still some I haven't), and Futurama & How I Met Your Mother crack!fic (not like the shows themselves aren't/weren't cracky all the time anyway).

I think that covers it. Happy New Year!


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