Nov. 8th, 2011 09:51 am
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I am well enough to contemplate Doing Things again!

I spent almost all of yesterday in bed watching TV, sneezing and knitting. I didn't even write, didn't walk dogs, didn't do anything.

If I can write 4000 words today and another 4000 tomorrow, I'll be back where I want to be. I think I should be able to catch up on the around-the-house stuff by tomorrow, too.

I'll be even further behind at work, since I went home six hours early yesterday, but that's just too bad.

I'm thinking about Yuletide, trying to decide if I want to participate this year. I just saw The Secret of Moonacre (and why isn't it Moon Acre anyway?), which is the sort of not-quite-fairy-tale kind of thing I always request, but this time in movie form (since I haven't been great with reading books lately).

OR I COULD REQUEST TWELVE HOUSES FIC! Lisa, Kit, Rosie, Elscy, are any of you up for Yuletide this year? It would be lovely if a few of us could request and/or offer in this fandom!

Other candidates include the books Will Grayson Will Grayson, Thirteen Little Blue Envelopes/The Last Little Blue Envelope, and Five Children and It, or the TV show Missing.

... which kind of answers that question: yes, it seems likely that I'm doing Yuletide this year.
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Three days off this week! Which is great, and necessary, because work is going to be just wretched from about July 18 to August 1.

In between recovering from my knee injury and making the tiniest bit of progress on my Decathlon fics, I'm entirely captivated by the Twelve Houses world. Expect a lengthy post about that once I finish Reader and Realynx; for now I'll just say this: if Kel was my role model for my early to mid 20s, Senneth is my role model now, and I need that. Also, I adore Amelie's brightness and strength of character; and studly!Cammon is both hilarious and also adorable (and also -- did anybody else get this? -- reminds me of SMACKDOWN 2010 studly!Owen).

COINCIDENTALLY, I PROMISE, I have Senneth hair right now! I got bored with my natural color (light-brown/dark-blond-ish) and went pale sunshine blonde again; it's humid, and I need a trim, and the result is that I have a blonde halo that sticks out in all directions.
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Friends, you need this fic. It won't take you long to read. It's exactly as crack-tastic as it sounds.

Trying to Communicate. in which Torchwood's hub is invaded by Ceiling Cat.

And on that note, after this stunningly unproductive and mediocre day (the highlight of which was a backyard playdate with the neighbor's dog; the rest of which was entirely pointless), I'm going to bed.
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Today, f-list, I've had an exceedingly lazy day. Nonetheless, I bring you recs:

1. The Young Ones, an early-80s British comedy series Miriam just introduced me to, which has many episodes available on YouTube. We might have cracked up particularly at the random violence (mostly property destruction), because sometimes we are teenage boys. Just, you know, older and the opposite sex. Also in one episode the characters (university students, including a punk and a hippie) find themselves in Narnia.

2. Sex at Dawn: the Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality. You know that traditional theory of evolutionary psychology -- men want to sleep with as many women as possible to maximize reproductive potential, women want a man who can provide for their children -- that's used to justify both sexism and monogamy as natural/inevitable? This book deconstructs that theory, and offers evidence that suggests pre-agricultural humans were egalitarian and polygamous. Also there's a lot about bonobos, at least in the early sections. It's been much too long since I indulged my inner cultural anthropology geek, so I'm enjoying the read immensely.

I've also watched half of Doctor Who S5 in the past 48 hours! Alas, I'm probably too scattered to write about it.

Now I'm sleepy like the puppy in my icon, nevermind that it's <10 p.m. So that is all.


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