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I am not using this icon because of the text. I'm using it because it's the only one I have with Callisto -- something I intend to rectify soon.

I'm on a Xena kick again -- it's a show I can (so far) watch without having it take over my brain, and if I make use of this handy episode guide, I can skip over the crappy episodes (of which there are a significant number) and only watch the ones I'm likely to actually enjoy.

Right now I'm fangirling Callisto times infinity. She's an utterly unrepentant bad-ass bitch, and knows exactly how to push Xena's buttons, and is so sure of herself -- which would be an irritating combination in a real person, but is so much fun to watch in a fictional character. Yeah, she's also totally hot -- which wouldn't, on its own, be reason for the fangirling; but it doesn't hurt. (And she's immortal, which is neat in a female character, given how often the Vampire Boyfriend shows up in sci-fi/fantasy fiction.)

Which brings me to another point: I ship Xena/Gabrielle, of course -- that's the whole reason for watching the show, right? Well, and the epically campy fight scenes. ANYWAY, it doesn't stop me from also shipping Xena/Callisto. Not in a "they would make a good couple" sort of way, because they certainly wouldn't (starting with the fact that I think one of them is evil at any given time). But they have this incredibly tense, very physical rivalry that could so easily (at least in fanfic) tip over into something sexual. Fandom's favorite trope, right?

So where's the Xena/Callisto smut!? Am I going to have to write it myself? *grumbles* I suppose that's what happens with a not-everyone's-OTP femslash pairing for a show that's been wrapped for ten years.

Well, at least I have 2+ seasons I haven't seen yet. Maybe I'll just skip straight to the episodes that include Callisto.


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