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2009-10-29 12:26 am

Yuletide, Proto-Slash, and Being a Fandom Slut

Trying, for a minute, to turn this back into what it was originally supposed to be: a fun journal of fannish fics and ramblings. So.


I'm getting ready to take part in the Yuletide fanfic exchange, and I'm super excited about it! I'm taking advantage of the chance to request, and hopefully write, some stuff that doesn't have a consistantly active and articulate fanbase of its own – most notably, various young adult fantasy novels.


The first side effect of this is that it's turning me into a total fandom slut. First it was just Buffy. Then Buffy and Tamora Pierce. Then I went and got obsessed with Firefly. Well, now it's all of the above and Across the Universe, L A Meyer's Bloody Jack series, Caroline Stevermer's College of Magics books, and most everything by the queen of YA fantasy, Diana Wynne Jones... and probably other stuff, too, as I come across it.


The second side effect is a prolonged trip down memory lane. Most of the YA fantasy I read is stuff I discovered as an adult – a lot of it hadn't even been written in the early to mid 90s, when I was in its target age group. But I first discovered Diana Wynne Jones in sixth grade, and so thinking about her work in detail, as I am now, is taking me back in time.


I read two of her books back to back, though I can't now remember which was the very first. Charmed Life was as fascinating as it was creepifying. Eight Days of Luke was one of the first books I reread purposely, to glean more details, rather than just out of boredom. It drew me in completely, sparked a fascination with Norse mythology, and tickled something in the back of my brain that I hadn't even noticed before.


Minimal spoilers under the cut. )