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Dear writer,

Thank you so much for signing up to write for me! I'm so excited, and I'm sure I'll love whatever you chose to write! If you'd like some ideas or suggestions, though,read on )


Nov. 8th, 2011 09:51 am
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I am well enough to contemplate Doing Things again!

I spent almost all of yesterday in bed watching TV, sneezing and knitting. I didn't even write, didn't walk dogs, didn't do anything.

If I can write 4000 words today and another 4000 tomorrow, I'll be back where I want to be. I think I should be able to catch up on the around-the-house stuff by tomorrow, too.

I'll be even further behind at work, since I went home six hours early yesterday, but that's just too bad.

I'm thinking about Yuletide, trying to decide if I want to participate this year. I just saw The Secret of Moonacre (and why isn't it Moon Acre anyway?), which is the sort of not-quite-fairy-tale kind of thing I always request, but this time in movie form (since I haven't been great with reading books lately).

OR I COULD REQUEST TWELVE HOUSES FIC! Lisa, Kit, Rosie, Elscy, are any of you up for Yuletide this year? It would be lovely if a few of us could request and/or offer in this fandom!

Other candidates include the books Will Grayson Will Grayson, Thirteen Little Blue Envelopes/The Last Little Blue Envelope, and Five Children and It, or the TV show Missing.

... which kind of answers that question: yes, it seems likely that I'm doing Yuletide this year.
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I got a Yuletide New Year's Resolution story! It's Magids fic! Post-canon, Rupert/Maree, sweet and meaningful and allowing them to choose to be together even though they're Intended to be together. It's here, and if you're a Diana Wynne Jones fan and know the characters, you should go read it.
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It's Christmas Eve, and I've staved off another bout of Tuesday Fail (which threatened, even though it's Friday) and gotten most of what I need done, done!

HOWEVER, between work and travel, I will pretty much be away from teh internet -- excepting facebook -- until January 1 (unless my trip north is a lot less fun than I anticipate). Though I will try very very hard to find time to at least read my Yuletide story late on Christmas day or early on the 26th.

Happy holidays, my friends, and best wishes for the new year!


Nov. 11th, 2010 10:46 pm
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I'm starting to get really excited for Yuletide!

Ok, thing 1: I still have an extra AO3 invite. Comment if you want it (for Yuletide-y purposes, or just because).

Thing 2: So many choices!

I haven't even gotten near formulating requests, yet, but I'm thinking about fandoms. Tentative candidates:
  • Jacky Faber (aka Bloody Jack)
  • Eight Days of Luke
  • Deep Secret/The Merlin Conspiracy (aka Magids-verse)
  • College of Magics
  • as previously mentioned, TiMER

Um, I really get into the YA adventure/fantasy lit angle. This makes me think maybe I shouldn't request TiMER fic, after all; I should perhaps stick with fandoms in which I'm sure I would love any story written.

I must ponder this more.
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Dear Author,

Thank you, a thousand times, for signing to up write in one my tiny fandoms! I'm so excited about this, and I will love absolutely whatever you choose to write me!

If you want more specifics, however, please read on. First, some general information about my tastes:

general info about my tastes in fic )

my Yuletide requests, with bonus additional suggestions. )

I think that is all. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart.



Nov. 10th, 2010 01:49 pm
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For fuck's sake. Yuletide isn't government, nor is it education, nor a business trying to garner investments. There's no obligation for "transparency" or "uniformity." It's a fan fiction exchange. For fun. If you don't like it, and if complaining directly to the people who make the decisions doesn't yield the desired result, don't play. Let the rest of us enjoy it, hey?

Still not sure I like the method of sorting being used this year, but I do understand why it's necessary. And more to the point, at the end of the day, it doesn't matter what I think. I want to play, I play by [info]elynross's rules. I'm okay with that.

This is absolutely not directed at anybody on my f'list here; I just had to get the *headdesk* out and I don't think the [ profile] yuletide mods need to deal with yet another person complaining (even if I'm complaining about all the complaining). 

OTOH: should I start a "What's your favorite thing about Yuletide? Tag, you're it!" post on the Yuletide comm? Seems like we could do with some more positive over there.

In other news: who has an "OMG-must-go-to-the-store-NOW" kind of craving for cabbage? Me, apparently. WTF, self?
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Writing's not an ambition for me or anything like that. It's just something I do. But it's something I like. It's something I miss, badly, during the times I'm not doing it.

I've realized, lately, that my writing skills are a lot more limited than I'd like. Specifically, I have trouble with plot, I lack staying power, I don't finish what I start, I rarely bother to outline or plan, and I'm much better at fanfic than at creating original characters. Since I'm not going to stop writing, I might as well work on some of these things.

writing plans under the cut. )

You might notice there's no Buffy on that list. If you friended me based on shared interest in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I'll say right now that I won't be offended if you want to un-friend so as to not have all my stuff cluttering up your list. I'll probably still read and comment on your posts, though! I'm still a fan, I'm just... distracted.

As for this Smackdown thing... disorganized rambles under the cut. )

maybe I'd be better off saving my energy for Neal-or-Raoul and Buri? I just don't know.

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I have so much to say, in terms of fandom stuff, and I don't have time for all of it now. So, in five twenty minutes...

First I have to rec the Yuletide story I received: It's Beautiful and So Are You, by mjules. Under the cut: Across The Universe, a retelling of Athurian legend, and Chicago the movie. )Fourth, I'm not doing the whole recs-post thing after all. But I did bookmark a bunch of stuff I liked, so if anyone's interested, it's here. In a nutshell, it's mostly classic film slash, kids' lit femslash, sci-fi novel happy endings, everything I could find based on the Diana Wynne Jones books I've read (because there are still some I haven't), and Futurama & How I Met Your Mother crack!fic (not like the shows themselves aren't/weren't cracky all the time anyway).

I think that covers it. Happy New Year!
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I've reached the stage where I'm desperately impatient to reply to the comments left on my Yuletide fics. YULETIDE HAS EATEN MY BRAIN. I've been reading like crazy, and finally remembered to start bookmarking... so like everybody else, I'll have a recs post coming out pretty soon (starting with the excellent gift!fic I received).

In the meantime, I'm kind of in love with the fandom I wrote for (which is the other reason I'm so impatient for the Big Reveal -- I want to talk about it!). I know it's a bad idea to expect a one-night stand to turn into True Love, but I just can't help it!!

Actually, I'm not sure that's the right analogy.

Given the amount of attention and planning that goes into writing for Yuletide... it's more like the fandom I wrote for is my prom date, if my steady, Firefly,(1) goes to another school & is so popular she already had plans for prom night. I asked, what, a dozen other people if they'd be my date,(2) and one of them said yes. We all spent weeks getting ready for the Big Night. And, er, then I ended up dancing with someone else for the whole night (by which I mean writing something I didn't initially offer)... and that's the fandom I'm in love with now. I totally put out, but it was more than just a one night stand.

(1) Given the obvious history between us, I can see how you'd think Buffy was my main squeeze, but I assure you, we're just good friends now. Really. Firefly understands.

(2) I didn't ask my ex, the Tortall universe, because I figured she already had a date. I was right -- recs coming soon.

Does this mean I'm leaving Firefly for the new fandom? Well, um... truth is, it wasn't that serious to begin with -- it's not like we were exclusive or anything. See the icon? I have a whole lot of ideas for a lot of fandoms kicking around inside my head, some Yuletide-inspired and some not. It should be fun -- which is really what this is all about.
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Happy holidays, y'all, and best wishes for the new year. May 2010 be a big step up form 2009!

In fannish news, I've been chin-deep in Yuletide stuff for the past couple of weeks. I have three stories coming up at the AO3 Yuletide archive: 2 for my assigned recipient, 1 stocking stuffer for one of the last people to get assigned as a pinch hit. After the Big Reveal I'll cross-post to this journal. And, now that Yuletide is basically done, I should be able to settle in and write some more Firefly fic. Maybe some Bloody Jack fic, too: it's becoming apparent that, if I want such a thing, I'll have to write it myself (meta on why this is a Good Thing will, I hope, be coming soon-ish). *g*

The last non-Yuletide thing I was working on was for Firefly. I didn't have it all worked out, and I don't think I'll finish it... but it was going to center on tension between Mal and Zoe, and end with Zoe saying, "Ship can't have more than one captain," as she walked off the ship.

Well. )
Fortunately? We're closed for three days this week.... so now I'm off to cook, clean, and wrap presents. Merry Christmas!


Dec. 7th, 2009 08:08 pm
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Ok, on the revised time table where I'm ficcing a whole new fandom that I didn't even know existed before I got my Yuletide assignment, I was supposed to be done going through source material on Saturday. Instead I still have.... hmmm... 25% to 30% of it left to go. Yikes.

BUT the minimum word count is 1000 and I right now have 1064 words of (very unpolished) draft. Which is about half of the story I'm attempting to tell.

Woohoo!! I think I'm gonna make it!

Still have to write the other half. Edit everything. Wait a couple of days, re-read, edit again. Finish the source material just to make sure I'm not contradicting something that happens later (and because it's awesome & I'm in love with it). Re-read a few more times and tweak tiny little details. And, you know, post it. All in the next, wow, 14 days exactly.

But. This now feels possible.

*happy dance*
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Trying, for a minute, to turn this back into what it was originally supposed to be: a fun journal of fannish fics and ramblings. So.


I'm getting ready to take part in the Yuletide fanfic exchange, and I'm super excited about it! I'm taking advantage of the chance to request, and hopefully write, some stuff that doesn't have a consistantly active and articulate fanbase of its own – most notably, various young adult fantasy novels.


The first side effect of this is that it's turning me into a total fandom slut. First it was just Buffy. Then Buffy and Tamora Pierce. Then I went and got obsessed with Firefly. Well, now it's all of the above and Across the Universe, L A Meyer's Bloody Jack series, Caroline Stevermer's College of Magics books, and most everything by the queen of YA fantasy, Diana Wynne Jones... and probably other stuff, too, as I come across it.


The second side effect is a prolonged trip down memory lane. Most of the YA fantasy I read is stuff I discovered as an adult – a lot of it hadn't even been written in the early to mid 90s, when I was in its target age group. But I first discovered Diana Wynne Jones in sixth grade, and so thinking about her work in detail, as I am now, is taking me back in time.


I read two of her books back to back, though I can't now remember which was the very first. Charmed Life was as fascinating as it was creepifying. Eight Days of Luke was one of the first books I reread purposely, to glean more details, rather than just out of boredom. It drew me in completely, sparked a fascination with Norse mythology, and tickled something in the back of my brain that I hadn't even noticed before.


Minimal spoilers under the cut. )



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