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I want to be writing SMACKDOWN fic tonight, but I can't make myself care enough. Buri/Thayet is going to lose and Lark/Rosethorn is going to win, and that's fine. (Yes, I'm feeling fatalist about it right now.) I have a lot of B/T plot bunnies and ideas, but... it's not happening. I've posted 16 drabbles for this round, which is less than any round last year, and that might be it. As I said in a comment to [ profile] kitty_ryan  the other day, I really will be delighted to support whoever wins this fight in the next round. (Unless they go up against Circlecest, of course. *g*) And I'm looking forward to, I hope, writing with some of the lovely people I've been writing against this round.

I'm arguing with myself about the next set of fights, too. Work is nuts until March 21 -- after fight 2 ends -- so I'm probably better off staying out of it entirely. But I'm starting to feel motivated about Kel/Maura, so I don't know.

Meanwhile, I'm exhausted almost all the time, and it's getting tedious. I have shit to do! Not sure where to go with that.

Ho hum. Maybe I'll try to write a little, after all.


Feb. 24th, 2011 09:34 pm
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Well, then. I've found my SMACKDOWN OTP OT4.

Team Circlecest for the win! )

DUDE, two things just occurred to me:

1. In the fanfic world, I rarely feel a disconnect when I'm concurrently writing the same character(s) in two conflicting universes/storylines. Well, one of the stressful things about writing for NaNoWriMo last year was having to Decide which path I was taking -- when Olivia would confess her Big Secret; whether Anna would fall for Olivia or remain oblivious. But... there's nothing wrong with writing both, right? If/when I decide to write original fiction again, I should just let it happen if I get two contradictory inspirations, and then sort it out if I ever decide to try selling the thing. Obvious solution is obvious.

2. 40,000 words of SMACKDOWN fic; 50,000 word NaNo novel. That means I wrote another 50,000 words of fiction in bits and pieces over the rest of the year. That's a lot of short stories. (I know I already talked about this a while ago; I lost sight of it, and now it's surprising me all over again.) No wonder I wore myself out by the end of the year; the wonder is that I'm getting all inspired again already!


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