Feb. 24th, 2011 09:34 pm
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Well, then. I've found my SMACKDOWN OTP OT4.

Team Circlecest for the win! )

DUDE, two things just occurred to me:

1. In the fanfic world, I rarely feel a disconnect when I'm concurrently writing the same character(s) in two conflicting universes/storylines. Well, one of the stressful things about writing for NaNoWriMo last year was having to Decide which path I was taking -- when Olivia would confess her Big Secret; whether Anna would fall for Olivia or remain oblivious. But... there's nothing wrong with writing both, right? If/when I decide to write original fiction again, I should just let it happen if I get two contradictory inspirations, and then sort it out if I ever decide to try selling the thing. Obvious solution is obvious.

2. 40,000 words of SMACKDOWN fic; 50,000 word NaNo novel. That means I wrote another 50,000 words of fiction in bits and pieces over the rest of the year. That's a lot of short stories. (I know I already talked about this a while ago; I lost sight of it, and now it's surprising me all over again.) No wonder I wore myself out by the end of the year; the wonder is that I'm getting all inspired again already!
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Yeah, okay.

I know.

I'm the hell out of practice at writing original characters, so maybe I should not have started with an original character who's supposed to be straight? Given my propensity for writing a lot of (fem)slash for even canon!straight characters? No, I don't know why that seemed like a good idea.

But, okay. It's about rolling with the punches, right? I'm not turning it into a romance story or anything, so I suppose there's no reason the hopeful but ambiguous ending can't work just as well with Anna and Olivia as it would have with Olivia and Meredith. Anna was supposed to be like Luke Skywalker and not get involved in that sort of stuff (except possibly later, but in an effort not to panic completely, I can't think about later just now), and Meredith was not supposed to be such a flake. But Meredith is a flake, and Anna's just spent 4000 words hanging out with her and wishing she was with Olivia instead, and Olivia is jealous of Meredith, and I think I have to let this go this way.

Okay then.

ETA: 39,900 words.

Yes, I might possibly be able to stay up all night writing and hit 50k tonight. But it would be bad, bad, bad for both me and my novel to do it. Right?
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NaNo goal reached! It was not a good day for writing on the novel. But I bribed myself with the Star Trek DVD that just came in the mail, so now I get to go watch it! Whee! Because I really need another fandom. Yup.
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I want to write a long, rambling self-indulgent post about all the things bouncing around in my brain, such as:
  • friendship
  • food
  • work
  • sneaky hate spirals
  • onion soup
  • attention deficit disorder
  • depression
  • mental health-related medications
  • creativity
  • writing
  • self-editing
  • NaNoWriMo
  • Glake
  • fic exchanges
  • chat
And yes, the end of that list circles right back around to the beginning of it again. ^.^

But I can't write that wandery-rambly post, because.... I get home from work about 8 Saturday night, and I think I really need a good ol' Glake crack!chat... which will mean no writing on Saturday. So I'm trying to write at least another 2200 words tonight or tomorrow night.

I guess it can wait until December...

*waves to f'list*
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Whew! My very last PPF fic is up! Here, I'll just paste in the headers from Glake.

Title: Place of Safety
Rating: PG-13
Length: about 2500 words
Fandom: Emelan
Summary: Daja and Sandry talk things over and reach a conclusion.
Peculiar Pairing: Daja/Sandry; also Briar/Evvy, mention of Sandry/Rosethorn, and a bit of Daja/Lark if you squint.
Note: As threatened promised, this is fanfic of a fanfic, written as an early birthday present for Kit -- the brilliant idea is hers, really, but any sketchy characterization or awkward prose is mine.

[ profile] kitty_ryan , I hope your month is off to a fantastic start! In case I'm in a NaNo vortex later, and also because of PPF, and also because I need to stop tweaking this already, I'm posting it early. ♥

(Side note: I'm at just over 6000 NaNo words! Squee!)


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