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Day off has resulted in 5300 more words on the NaNoWriMo novel -- so I am now caught up to within 100 words of today's goal! -- and a 5.4 mile run/walk with the puppies, among other things.

Now enjoying all-natural pecan pie, Ginger in the Rye beer -- both thanks to my wonderful, wonderful best friend, TardisAlert -- and soon to be watching Sherlock!

Thanksgiving is tomorrow but I'm feeling the thankfulness already. ♥

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Well, I made it through Friday closing/Saturday early shift/Sunday morning one last time and henceforth I can unload the Friday closing shift on new supervisor R. I cannot even express how happy that makes me. I absolutely hate that Friday closing shift, particularly because I've effectively been short staffed since D.'s last day -- I've been unable to schedule a middle-of-the-day catch-all/support person to back me up. Now things can return to normal, meaning I'll be the mid day catch-all person, and someone else can handle the direct supervising and closing-up at the end of the night.

Unfortunately I am sick. Snuffly, scratchy throat, more irritable than usual, skin feeling sensitive and itchy, food sounding terrible, no sense of smell kind of sick. No running for me this week, then. I wish I could call in sick today, but orders have to get placed, at least. Anyway, I'm sure it's just a cold that will go away soon.

The big good news is the writing! My NaNo story is at 8000 words! My original goal was just to write my [ profile] smallfandombang, and I ought to have the 10,000 words for that by... tonight, if all goes as planned. The story's not halfway told, though, so obviously I'll keep going until it is. If it gets done before 50,000 words, I'll start on another story within the same series -- which may be cheating, yes, but you know, I'm okay with that.

I'm drawing on an idea I started in summer of 2010. When there's talk about, "How would you do movie adaptations?" in Pierce fandom, I always say that Circle of Magic should be a TV show instead. So what I'd like to is write a series of long-ish fics that take place in Summersea, post Will of the Empress, and follow our four protagonists as they solve magic-based crimes and mysteries, have romances, sort out their career plans, and generally go about their lives. I made a lot of progress on the first installment, but somehow never finished it, so I hope to go back to that story. The one I'm writing at the moment is a later installment -- let's call it the second, unless I have a particular reason to move it. I also have a couple of key OCs I've introduced in drabbles and ficlets elsewhere, and they need to somehow be introduced within the main story.

So that's what I'm doing. Here's how: I haven't outlined anything. I have a short page of notes and details to include later in the story, but that's it. I don't know who my villain is; I just yesterday figured out what's causing the big problem Our Heroes are trying to solve. I'm probably going to re-order everything. I'm probably going to scrap half of what I've written so far. I'm not even clear on who my POV character is (but that might be all right, for Circle of Magic fic). And I'm good with all of this! I'm having fun. Last night I knocked out 2000 words in less than two hours. The words just come. I have no doubt that I'm capable of getting to 50,000 words by the end of the month. And the story will come together in its own way. Editing the thing will be a whole other adventure, but there's no need to stress about that now. It'll happen. Or maybe it won't, but that's okay too.

Contrast last year, when I had spreadsheets and outlines and was hell-bent on winning. I did win, and I'm pretty happy with my story, and it was a really, really good learning experience. One of the things I learned is that outlines and shit are not for me. So I'm taking a completely different approach this time, and I fucking love the experience so far.
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Okay, cracky Emelan long!fic is officially begun. So far I have a litter of puppies who look like Little Bear, a mysterious droughtwort failure, Briar and at least two girls freaking out over it, and Tris magically spying on the herb sellers and discovering other herbs are also affected. Daja, supposedly my main character, has barely made an appearance. But. This is NaNo and I'm just gonna go with it!

I'm PeroxidePirate there, too, if anyone would like to be writing buddies.
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Typically, as soon as I write about how I can't seem to write anything, I unblock myself where the writing of fiction is concerned. I'm now three pieces into the story of Aniki leaving her home in Scanra and meeting up with Kora and Rosto. Win.
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In my recent wanderings across the internets, I came across something that made me realize I've never given much thought to asexuality. And I realized, if I want my straight friends to be mindful of the direction of their sexuality (and I do), it's only fair that I am mindful of the presence of mine.

So I went wandering some more, reading and researching and learning. I didn't save links, unfortunately -- it was late and I passed through a lot of blogs and posts and essays and organizations. But... it was really interesting, and I'm glad I'm thinking on it.

The surprising part is how much of what I encountered resonates with me on a personal level. I didn't expect that.

possible emotional TMI under the cut )

Anyway, I'm now (surprise, surprise) feeling an urge to explore this in fic. Therefore, f-list, I need your input! I've been omni-shipping so long, I'm having trouble thinking of characters I could write as asexual or aromantic. Help?
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List of Completed Fanfics Works from this year:
(note: all are Tamora Pierce fanfic unless otherwise noted, and most are available at The King's Own and Archive of Our Own. Italicized titles have not been completed/polished/posted, but do count toward total wordcount (because that's the way I did my spreadsheet).)

meme-age under the cut! )
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Yeah, okay.

I know.

I'm the hell out of practice at writing original characters, so maybe I should not have started with an original character who's supposed to be straight? Given my propensity for writing a lot of (fem)slash for even canon!straight characters? No, I don't know why that seemed like a good idea.

But, okay. It's about rolling with the punches, right? I'm not turning it into a romance story or anything, so I suppose there's no reason the hopeful but ambiguous ending can't work just as well with Anna and Olivia as it would have with Olivia and Meredith. Anna was supposed to be like Luke Skywalker and not get involved in that sort of stuff (except possibly later, but in an effort not to panic completely, I can't think about later just now), and Meredith was not supposed to be such a flake. But Meredith is a flake, and Anna's just spent 4000 words hanging out with her and wishing she was with Olivia instead, and Olivia is jealous of Meredith, and I think I have to let this go this way.

Okay then.

ETA: 39,900 words.

Yes, I might possibly be able to stay up all night writing and hit 50k tonight. But it would be bad, bad, bad for both me and my novel to do it. Right?
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What kind of geek does it make me that I just set up a Scrivener project called "LiveJournal Posts"? But I keep thinking of things I want to post/write about, and then forgetting, then remembering again, then forgetting...

So now I have tabs set up for every post topic I want to write. They'll mostly have to hold off until after NaNo, Yuletide, and Glake Ficmas are done, but after that, I'll start spamming you. :)

Why look, is that a new tag? Yep -- it's fun being me!


Nov. 11th, 2010 10:46 pm
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I'm starting to get really excited for Yuletide!

Ok, thing 1: I still have an extra AO3 invite. Comment if you want it (for Yuletide-y purposes, or just because).

Thing 2: So many choices!

I haven't even gotten near formulating requests, yet, but I'm thinking about fandoms. Tentative candidates:
  • Jacky Faber (aka Bloody Jack)
  • Eight Days of Luke
  • Deep Secret/The Merlin Conspiracy (aka Magids-verse)
  • College of Magics
  • as previously mentioned, TiMER

Um, I really get into the YA adventure/fantasy lit angle. This makes me think maybe I shouldn't request TiMER fic, after all; I should perhaps stick with fandoms in which I'm sure I would love any story written.

I must ponder this more.
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I want to write a long, rambling self-indulgent post about all the things bouncing around in my brain, such as:
  • friendship
  • food
  • work
  • sneaky hate spirals
  • onion soup
  • attention deficit disorder
  • depression
  • mental health-related medications
  • creativity
  • writing
  • self-editing
  • NaNoWriMo
  • Glake
  • fic exchanges
  • chat
And yes, the end of that list circles right back around to the beginning of it again. ^.^

But I can't write that wandery-rambly post, because.... I get home from work about 8 Saturday night, and I think I really need a good ol' Glake crack!chat... which will mean no writing on Saturday. So I'm trying to write at least another 2200 words tonight or tomorrow night.

I guess it can wait until December...

*waves to f'list*
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Right. This advice has been coming at me from all directions, lately: remember to have fun! If it's not fun, why are you even doing it? About fandom, writing (specifically NaNo), cooking, owning dogs, bike riding, and probably some other things that don't come to mind just now.

I try to pay attention when that happens.

So, since I didn't feel like writing today, I played with graphics instead. I made this icon, and a wallpaper (clickable thumbnail, below) to go with it. (Both are up for grabs, too.)

Joyful Girl wall

Text is from the song "Joyful Girl," by Ani Difranco; to me it's actually a very sad song, though beautiful. It struck me today, "Joyful Girl" fits Rose, in this moment, perfectly. It fits me a little bit, too, though not as literally.

In the end, the joy wins out. It has to. And if it doesn't, go do something else instead.

(uh, so far I'm not staying away from the internet whatsoever-at-all. well, I had today off, and that helps a little. also, I'm not writing just now. but... I think that's ok.)
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I'm 21 days into my [ profile] 31_days  collection ('m a little behind...), and I've about just reached 6,000 words (which is about the length of my longest completed story). That's an average of just under 300 words per installment, and I really don't think the last few will be shorter than the early installments. Assuming I manage to finish, the whole thing could easily end up close to 10,000 words. I don't know if it's a single story, exactly -- I think it is a collection of related pieces, though with some (significant) future editing, I could turn it into a kind of novella. I'd like to make that happen, maybe for Piercefic 2011.

In between working on that, I've been thinking about NaNoWriMo. I've been thinking about how I can write 2000 words of anything I want to write in the first place, and I can write 4000 to 5000 if I really have something to say, but after that I start to get lost. I really want to do NaNo, and I'd like to further develop my writing skills. This means I somehow have to get from 6,000 words to 50,000, and I don't really know how.

Well, somebody over at Glake mentioned that Alanna: The First Adventure is just about 50,000 words. That's a whole lot of action and adventure. )
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Just heard about this, and it sounds so cool that I have to share! A Girl Saves Boy ficathon!

Banner by [ profile] skybound2

Not sure if I'm going to sign up or not, since I'm pretty occupied already... but I thought I'd spread the word, since all my fandoms are more or less focused on girls kicking ass.
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I just got my [ profile] au_bingo  card! I know, I know, not like I need another project... but this one's open until January 31, so I'm not even starting it until I'm done with the [ profile] 31_days  thing. Also, I'm writing Doctor Who fic for this, because I haven't written any yet, and it's about damn time. :D It should be fun.

card under the cut! ) LJ theme!fail: for some reason, table lines don't show up in this theme. Trust me, it's not a code!fail, it's the theme. Possibly I'll look for a new one soon.
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One a.m. drive-by post here, since I'm working a 10+ hour closing shift 3 times this week. I'm getting close to hiring another kitchen employee, though, so possibly things will settle down soon. And I have tomorrow off. Also, the weather finally broke: it's still as hot as a normal summer here, but in comparison, it feels like fall. I LOVE it. Possibly soon I will wear jeans! And sneakers! And earrings! (yeah, earrings + kitchen grease + buckets of sweat = fail.)

I'm still trying to catch up on [ profile] 31_days  fic... but my story's gotten bigger than the 31 prompts, so to make it into a workable whole, I'm one day going to have to go back and add a bunch of other pieces between the 31_days ficlets. Wondering if I can write something for Minor Characters' Week and/or birthday fic for [ profile] q_sama  that will fill some of those gaps? Though I have other ideas for both, too... and there's that pesky work thing...

Also, my mind is buzzing with a lot of non-fiction I'm hoping to write down before I lose it. Commentary on Children of Earth; fangirling of Martha Jones (because I think she got even better, after her time as the Doctor's primary companion); what I think about marriage (since forces are conspiring to make me think about it more than 2 seconds at a time, for the first time in my life); and a new way of explaining sexual orientation (which uses venn diagrams -- yes, I'm that much of a geek). Plus, you know, whatever I forgot about since I started writing this entry 10 minutes ago.

So.... nothing earth-shattering. And that's good.
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I just signed up for the [ profile] femslash10  fic exchange. Now I'm pimping it to my flist -- you should all sign up, too! Sign-ups are open until June 26, assignments go out June 30, and a 1000-word story is due September 2.

There are 18 "listed fandoms," of which you have to request and be willing to write at least one (I picked Buffy and Doctor Who, which I'm sure surprises no one). You can also request up to three "wildcard fandoms," which can be absolutely anything, and you can sign up to potentially write as many wildcard options as you can think of. 

Last year there were somewhat more than 100 fics posted to [ profile] femslash09  , which is a nice medium size for a fic exchange. It should be a fun little summer (or winter, depending) writing project, but I'm not sure how wildly followed the community is, so I wanted to spread the word.
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There's some discourse, right now, about identifying with characters: how does identifying, or not identifying, with a character influence your relationship with the story that character appears in? Is identifying with a character a good thing, or a bad thing, or neither?

I never thought much about this before... )

And this is a good place to talk about my icon. )
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Part 2 of the Commentary on Trickster's Pawn , my genderbending Tamora Pierce Tortall-verse AU, is under the cut.

More babbling about writing, under this cut. )
Commentary on part 1 is here.


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