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Here is one of the niftier things the internet has brought me recently (courtesy of [ profile] gabrielleabelle ): 

"Here at The Girls on Film, we take great film scenes between men and recreate them with women."

So far there are three: scenes from The Town, Fight Club and Star Trek. The last is the only one I've watched, since I haven't seen the source material for the other two -- but I've watched it about six times. I'm kind of in love with lady Pike, and if I wanted to be James T. Kirk already, well -- this cements it.

Also, I'm creating a "topic: feminism" tag -- I can't think why I didn't have one before, except that feminism informs my take on everything, so I'm not sure there's a purpose to tagging it. But hey, there it is.
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Today, f-list, I've had an exceedingly lazy day. Nonetheless, I bring you recs:

1. The Young Ones, an early-80s British comedy series Miriam just introduced me to, which has many episodes available on YouTube. We might have cracked up particularly at the random violence (mostly property destruction), because sometimes we are teenage boys. Just, you know, older and the opposite sex. Also in one episode the characters (university students, including a punk and a hippie) find themselves in Narnia.

2. Sex at Dawn: the Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality. You know that traditional theory of evolutionary psychology -- men want to sleep with as many women as possible to maximize reproductive potential, women want a man who can provide for their children -- that's used to justify both sexism and monogamy as natural/inevitable? This book deconstructs that theory, and offers evidence that suggests pre-agricultural humans were egalitarian and polygamous. Also there's a lot about bonobos, at least in the early sections. It's been much too long since I indulged my inner cultural anthropology geek, so I'm enjoying the read immensely.

I've also watched half of Doctor Who S5 in the past 48 hours! Alas, I'm probably too scattered to write about it.

Now I'm sleepy like the puppy in my icon, nevermind that it's <10 p.m. So that is all.

geek toys!

Jan. 26th, 2011 09:59 pm
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Lego-compatible Doctor Who toys? OKAY!

Including all the doctors!

They're available starting in March, I guess. There goes my expendable income for the next who-knows-how-long, but it will be totally worth it!

Um. I own waaaaaay more Legos than the average 30-year-old woman. I like it that way.
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What kind of geek does it make me that I just set up a Scrivener project called "LiveJournal Posts"? But I keep thinking of things I want to post/write about, and then forgetting, then remembering again, then forgetting...

So now I have tabs set up for every post topic I want to write. They'll mostly have to hold off until after NaNo, Yuletide, and Glake Ficmas are done, but after that, I'll start spamming you. :)

Why look, is that a new tag? Yep -- it's fun being me!


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