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First of all, the community [ profile] spoiler_song , for all your River Song fic, icon and general squeefulness needs.

Second, a fic: Aftermath, in which the Stormcage guards do their job, in a manner of speaking. (Rated G; the author says its mildly spoilery for 6.01 and 6.02, but I don't see it.)

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I got a Yuletide New Year's Resolution story! It's Magids fic! Post-canon, Rupert/Maree, sweet and meaningful and allowing them to choose to be together even though they're Intended to be together. It's here, and if you're a Diana Wynne Jones fan and know the characters, you should go read it.
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Friends, you need this fic. It won't take you long to read. It's exactly as crack-tastic as it sounds.

Trying to Communicate. in which Torchwood's hub is invaded by Ceiling Cat.

And on that note, after this stunningly unproductive and mediocre day (the highlight of which was a backyard playdate with the neighbor's dog; the rest of which was entirely pointless), I'm going to bed.
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Today, f-list, I've had an exceedingly lazy day. Nonetheless, I bring you recs:

1. The Young Ones, an early-80s British comedy series Miriam just introduced me to, which has many episodes available on YouTube. We might have cracked up particularly at the random violence (mostly property destruction), because sometimes we are teenage boys. Just, you know, older and the opposite sex. Also in one episode the characters (university students, including a punk and a hippie) find themselves in Narnia.

2. Sex at Dawn: the Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality. You know that traditional theory of evolutionary psychology -- men want to sleep with as many women as possible to maximize reproductive potential, women want a man who can provide for their children -- that's used to justify both sexism and monogamy as natural/inevitable? This book deconstructs that theory, and offers evidence that suggests pre-agricultural humans were egalitarian and polygamous. Also there's a lot about bonobos, at least in the early sections. It's been much too long since I indulged my inner cultural anthropology geek, so I'm enjoying the read immensely.

I've also watched half of Doctor Who S5 in the past 48 hours! Alas, I'm probably too scattered to write about it.

Now I'm sleepy like the puppy in my icon, nevermind that it's <10 p.m. So that is all.
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I just signed up for the [ profile] femslash10  fic exchange. Now I'm pimping it to my flist -- you should all sign up, too! Sign-ups are open until June 26, assignments go out June 30, and a 1000-word story is due September 2.

There are 18 "listed fandoms," of which you have to request and be willing to write at least one (I picked Buffy and Doctor Who, which I'm sure surprises no one). You can also request up to three "wildcard fandoms," which can be absolutely anything, and you can sign up to potentially write as many wildcard options as you can think of. 

Last year there were somewhat more than 100 fics posted to [ profile] femslash09  , which is a nice medium size for a fic exchange. It should be a fun little summer (or winter, depending) writing project, but I'm not sure how wildly followed the community is, so I wanted to spread the word.
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Does anybody have Doctor Who community or fic recs?  I get the feeling that fandom is big enough to be a jungle, so I thought I'd ask for suggestions before I go charging in.

So far I've only seen the first half of S1 and the S5 episodes as they come available in the US, but I'm not opposed to being spoiled on what I haven't seen yet. On the other hand, though, I adore the current Doctor, so I'm most interested in fic that relates to the new season, of which I'm sure there will be more and more as we go along.

Specific things I'm interested in... )
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Donnie Darko: best movie ever (or, anyway, in the top 25. which is very high praise.)

My BFF, BookGeekGal, has been trying to get me to watch it for months. But it's long, and intense, and she warned me that it's not something you can watch while surfing the internet, so I kept putting it off.

But OMG, Donnie Darko. If you've never seen it, go watch it. Now. (Yes, the director's cut is worth it.)

I want to do what BookGeekGal did, and refuse to say anymore than that. But I can say it's magical realism, and a bit of a mind fuck, but more than worth it. And the end didn't make me want to bang my head against the wall.
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I have so much to say, in terms of fandom stuff, and I don't have time for all of it now. So, in five twenty minutes...

First I have to rec the Yuletide story I received: It's Beautiful and So Are You, by mjules. Under the cut: Across The Universe, a retelling of Athurian legend, and Chicago the movie. )Fourth, I'm not doing the whole recs-post thing after all. But I did bookmark a bunch of stuff I liked, so if anyone's interested, it's here. In a nutshell, it's mostly classic film slash, kids' lit femslash, sci-fi novel happy endings, everything I could find based on the Diana Wynne Jones books I've read (because there are still some I haven't), and Futurama & How I Met Your Mother crack!fic (not like the shows themselves aren't/weren't cracky all the time anyway).

I think that covers it. Happy New Year!


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