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Jumping on this bandwagon: I vehemently don't ship Livejournal/Facebook! There's some overlap, yeah, but mostly I keep this part of my life cordoned off from Real Life. I like having a part of the internet where I can be unprofessional and inappropriate if I feel like it. I don't need my mom knowing I sometimes write smut, I don't need my boss knowing any details of my mental health issues, and I don't need the subject of my unrequited crush knowing just how much energy has gone down that rabbit hole.

Therefore: please don't cross-post any comments you leave on my journal to Facebook, especially if you happen to be friends with me there, too.

'K, thanks.

ETA: I'll definitely never crosspost any comments I make or link to anyone else's posts on Facebook, either! I'm not even connecting my account here with my Facebook identity. Nope. Not clicking that button.


Aug. 30th, 2010 10:14 pm
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How welcoming is Australia to immigrants from the U.S? Do you need money/health/connections/useful skills to be eligible?

Just found out there's something that could very well be a miracle drug for BookGeekGal, but it's not available in the U.S. She's bounced Australia, the U.K, and France as places she could stand to live, where it is available. I can't speak French to save my life (I can read it, some, but fail epically at pronunciation), so I think I'd have to part company with her if she decided to move there. And if I was gonna move anywhere 1000s of miles away, I'd want it to be someplace with a lot of nature nearby (even if the weather is basically the opposite of Alaska, which was my first choice).

I'm fairly sure it's all a pipe dream anyway -- but I like to be informed, even in fantasy. Help please?

ETA: And can you import pet dogs?

2nd ETA: It looks like a no-go for BookGeekGal, more than likely, because of her health issues. Perfectly understandable -- most countries, especially those with any degree of publicly run/funded healthcare, take that stuff into consideration. But I hadn't researched Australia before.
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One a.m. drive-by post here, since I'm working a 10+ hour closing shift 3 times this week. I'm getting close to hiring another kitchen employee, though, so possibly things will settle down soon. And I have tomorrow off. Also, the weather finally broke: it's still as hot as a normal summer here, but in comparison, it feels like fall. I LOVE it. Possibly soon I will wear jeans! And sneakers! And earrings! (yeah, earrings + kitchen grease + buckets of sweat = fail.)

I'm still trying to catch up on [ profile] 31_days  fic... but my story's gotten bigger than the 31 prompts, so to make it into a workable whole, I'm one day going to have to go back and add a bunch of other pieces between the 31_days ficlets. Wondering if I can write something for Minor Characters' Week and/or birthday fic for [ profile] q_sama  that will fill some of those gaps? Though I have other ideas for both, too... and there's that pesky work thing...

Also, my mind is buzzing with a lot of non-fiction I'm hoping to write down before I lose it. Commentary on Children of Earth; fangirling of Martha Jones (because I think she got even better, after her time as the Doctor's primary companion); what I think about marriage (since forces are conspiring to make me think about it more than 2 seconds at a time, for the first time in my life); and a new way of explaining sexual orientation (which uses venn diagrams -- yes, I'm that much of a geek). Plus, you know, whatever I forgot about since I started writing this entry 10 minutes ago.

So.... nothing earth-shattering. And that's good.
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I started writing this as a comment on a G'lake thread, but it got long and off topic, so I'm making it a journal entry instead.

I've mentioned before that I absolutely love this quote, from The Blue Place by Nicola Griffith: "Pain is only a message." This, combined with the way self-defense and general awareness figure in the Aud books, has literally changed my life.

On NOT being unduly afraid. )
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There's some discourse, right now, about identifying with characters: how does identifying, or not identifying, with a character influence your relationship with the story that character appears in? Is identifying with a character a good thing, or a bad thing, or neither?

I never thought much about this before... )

And this is a good place to talk about my icon. )
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All right, so it seems I'll be in New York City, by myself, for a couple of days mid-month. On the one hand, I'm bummed -- I thought I was going to be there with my BFF, but that is not to be (for reasons of health and money, both of which she's lacking, but I'm notsomuch in the mood to talk about that).

On the other hand, being at loose ends in New York City by myself sounds like a great adventure! So in that sense, I'm really looking forward to it.

But..... there was a mix-up with a hotel, and now I have to make a decision about where to stay.

I'm thinking hostel, cuz, how can you beat $30 a night? Anybody have opinions, for or against, any particular hostel? Links to websites for booking would be shiny, too!

Edit to add: I'd also appreciate any recs for museums (art museums, especially), lesbian bars, to-die-for restaurants under $20 a plate, or anything else especially worth checking out!
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The following is a Buffy-fandom-meta on sexual orientation, along with some personal stuff on the same subject. It's interspersed with snippets of what might one day grow up into a fanfic. Though I doubt it, because it's about Willow, and I identify with her so closely that's it's really hard for me to write her.

Comments (even questions) are welcome, as long as you're nice about it. :)

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