Jul. 3rd, 2011 09:29 pm
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AKJSDLGFJAS;DJGK Star Trek: The Next Generation is on Netflix instant watch now!




I have spent the last ~4 years really really wanting to rewatch it, but not having cable and lacking the wherewithal to track it down an episode or a few episodes at a time, and couldn't quite justify buying it all on DVD when I hadn't seen much of it since the age of about 14 and don't actually know what I'll think of it now. SO. This makes me really happy!

PSA: other Star Trek variants are available on streaming, too. Likewise the first few seasons of Twilight Zone, which Miriam is right now asdljfkdsjfsing about.

There will be much geeking in my household. I am pleased.
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There are a lot of them, many narrated by cast members (including half a dozen with David Tennant narrating -- [ profile] green_maia , do you know about this?)!

There goes any free time I have, ever would have had around SMACKDOWN. But, more Doctor Who!!! Yay!!!

Also, poetry isn't my thing, but if it was, I would write a sonnet to NSAIDs. Woke up with a sinus headache and the pulled muscle in the middle of my back (idek; I ran to catch a bus two days ago and I pulled something, fml) throbbing. As I've been sitting here, browsing, I can feel the ibuprofen steadily entering my bloodstream. *sigh of relief*

And one more subject: a Tumblr called Things That Are Tiny. It is every bit as cute as you might expect. Go forth and squee over the cuteness! 

geek toys!

Jan. 26th, 2011 09:59 pm
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Lego-compatible Doctor Who toys? OKAY!

Including all the doctors!

They're available starting in March, I guess. There goes my expendable income for the next who-knows-how-long, but it will be totally worth it!

Um. I own waaaaaay more Legos than the average 30-year-old woman. I like it that way.


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