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That went well. *needs naked!Fillion icon to go with this statement*

Walking dogs while listening to the MP3 player = WIN. Really wish I'd tried it six years ago. OTOH, it's only the past 2-3 months that I've gotten City Mouse to walk in an approximately straight line at a relatively steady pace, so... maybe not..

And, Couch to 5k Week 0 Day 1 is a success. Um, week 1 is largely made up of 60 seconds running/90 seconds walking/repeat. And I can run (well, jog) for 60 seconds, but I'm still winded 90 seconds later. So I went with 60 seconds jogging/walk 5 minutes or until no longer winded/repeat. I'm calling it Week 0, and I'll go with that until I'm ready for the official first week. (Also, note to self: you have asthma medication now. Use it before your next attempt to run!)

The hardest part was getting City Mouse to understand there's a difference between jogging and galloping, but she's getting there. I was a little worried about Country Mouse, who sometimes drags her feet on walks, but she really seemed to enjoy the jogging. Yay!

The shoes are pretty good, though I have a tiny blister on the side of my wider foot. Also, I tracked down the bra I wanted locally, and it totally does the job.

I'm gonna do this thing.

(p.s. Message me if you'd like to be filtered out of fitness updates and I'll set it up. I foresee a lot of entries like this over the next few months.)


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