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Dear Wednesday,

Fuck you. Fuck you hard, with sharp objects.

We're through, do you hear me, Wednesday? It's over.

And do you know why? You lied to me, Wednesday. You promised me you weren't like Thursday; you said you weren't unpredictable and you promised you'd never try to be bad-ass like Friday and Saturday. You said you were as slow and steady as Tuesday. You said being with you wouldn't get in the way of my other activities. You said you weren't needy.

You lied.

It's all lies.

I can't take it anymore. At least Monday and Thursday were honest about being bipolar. I know, going in, that Thursday will be a clingy bitch one week and an easy-going sweetheart another. If I expect it, I can deal.

But Wednesday, you're already swearing that this was just a(nother) fluke. I can hear you.

I'm not buying it anymore. It's over. I'm going back to Thursday. You'd better find somebody else to deal with your lies.
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Ok, so Smackdown is still going on. )

In other news, I haven't decided if I'm still doing the Firefly big bang I still love Firefly! )

Finally, Real Life. Real life is a random assortment of good and bad. )

This is pretty disjointed, and maybe should be broken up into like 3 separate entries, but I don't have it in me right now. It's been a long couple of days, I'm getting over a really nasty chest cold, and I'm kinda zonked now. But, you know, still optimistic, somehow.
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Right. In the past three months, I've been spurned personally and professionally by the same woman.

Remind me not to get in a position where that's even possible. Ever again.

And all the rage and frustration that I wouldn't let myself feel over the personal sleight? Right here, all bubbling up.

I shouldn't take it personally. The only reason she didn't take the job is that we couldn't pay her enough, and that's not my fault. And it's not like she actually rejected me on a personal level, either; she just found someone else before I got up the nerve to ask her out. Still... sucks that I'm now, again, looking for an assistant manager (as I have been for most of the past six months), right along with being single with no real prospects (as I have been for too long to even contemplate sanely). Grrrrrrr.
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Happy holidays, y'all, and best wishes for the new year. May 2010 be a big step up form 2009!

In fannish news, I've been chin-deep in Yuletide stuff for the past couple of weeks. I have three stories coming up at the AO3 Yuletide archive: 2 for my assigned recipient, 1 stocking stuffer for one of the last people to get assigned as a pinch hit. After the Big Reveal I'll cross-post to this journal. And, now that Yuletide is basically done, I should be able to settle in and write some more Firefly fic. Maybe some Bloody Jack fic, too: it's becoming apparent that, if I want such a thing, I'll have to write it myself (meta on why this is a Good Thing will, I hope, be coming soon-ish). *g*

The last non-Yuletide thing I was working on was for Firefly. I didn't have it all worked out, and I don't think I'll finish it... but it was going to center on tension between Mal and Zoe, and end with Zoe saying, "Ship can't have more than one captain," as she walked off the ship.

Well. )
Fortunately? We're closed for three days this week.... so now I'm off to cook, clean, and wrap presents. Merry Christmas!

Rough Week

May. 21st, 2009 09:18 pm
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I've had the week. from. hell. My housing/financial situation is maybe-maybe-not gonna blow up in my face pretty soon, I went 4 nights running with less than 6 hours of sleep per night, we had 2 refrigerators break a combined 4 times at work this weekend, I got ELECTROCUTED* trying to unplug one of them, and now that all this crap is starting to settle down, it's 100+ degrees with 90% humidity in the kitchen... so by the time I get home, my brain is (literally?) fried. I HATE summer.

*Not as bad as it sounds, actually. Bad enough to piss me off, but not enough to need medical attention or anything.

The upshot of all this? I didn't forget about the reply I was going to post to an entry by [personal profile] green_maia , the Season 8 comics I told [ profile] erimthar  I'd read, or the Tamora Pierce drabbles I still owe [ profile] rojo  & Aniloverl. I just haven't gotten to those things yet.

But hey. It's a beautiful day (though hotter than I'd like), my awesome roomie has the day off (so we can actually hang out for once!), I've been riding my bike to and from work almost every day (8 miles round trip... I rock!), and my 3 doggies are all getting along. So life is, for the moment, good.


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