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Title: Man, Woman or Dancing Bear
Fandom: Emelan (Tamora Pierce)
Rating: PG
Length: 1000 words
Summary: One fall day, Tris and Little Bear make a new acquaintance: a man named Arthur, who also answers to Bear.

Note: There's that quasi-canon comment about Tris's future husband being a were-bear (but not in a literal sense). I thought that would be a fun thing to explore - and I am a literal minded person.

There's no breeze anywhere else. Are you a mage? )
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Title: Trickster's Pawn (part 2 of 2)
Rating: R
Length: about 2400 in this part; 5800 overall.
Fandom: Tamora Pierce, Tortall-verse (AU)
Characters: Keladry of Mindelan, Owen of Jesslaw. Also Iden, Warric and Buri
Summary: Kel's friend, Wen of Jesslaw, deals with life as a boy who's been tapped by the Trickster.

I'm not going to get stuffed back into a dress anytime soon... )

Part 1 is here.
Commentary on part 2 is here.
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Title: Trickster's Pawn (part 1 of 2)
Rating: R
Length: about 3400 in this part; 5800 overall.
Fandom: Tamora Pierce, Tortall-verse (AU)
Characters: Keladry of Mindelan, Owen of Jesslaw. Also Iden, Warric and Buri
Summary: Kel's new friend, Wendy of Jesslaw, isn't exactly what she first seems.

Note: Like Fencing Lessons, this started as a crack!fic idea and became oddly serious. "What if Owen was actually a girl?" turned into a coming of age story about a transgendered character. I hope I handled it well.

I haven't posted a lot of fic directly to this journal lately. I'm posting this one because I want to write a commentary on it, which is more an LJ thing than an AO3 or King's Own thing.

Also note that I'm futzing with ages and Jesslaw family relations a little to fit the story.

Finally, this began life as a series of (closely connected) Smackdown ficlets, which results in some slightly odd chapter breaks.

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Part 2 of 2 is here.
Commentary on Part 1 is here.
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In Round 1 of the Smackdown, I wrote 126 entries, which total approximately 18,560 words (according to Archive of Our Own, or slightly more according to Open Office). Almost exactly half of that -- 63 entries, and 8932 words -- was for the last set of fights (54 entries for Buri, 9 for Owen). Earlier, I wrote 23 for Uline, 22 for Neal, 16 for Sabine, and 1 each for Wyldon and Yuki.

For the sake of sanity, I've collected these 126 entries into 26 longer works, all of which are posted on AO3, here. Some of these are linked into series, which I hope will make them a little easier to follow.

Eventually I'll get these up on The King's Own, too, but for now, at least they're archived someplace.
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For any Tamora Pierce fans who don't know, Goldenlake is hosting a Fanfic Smackdown during the next two months. Sixteen characters -- seven female, nine male -- are competing for the hand and heart of Lady Knight Keladry of Mindelan (protagonist of the Protector of the Small books, and the inspiration for my icon, here). See the guidelines for details.

Fics from drabble-length up are eligible, as long as they haven't been posted somewhere before -- each posted fic that deals with the relationship between Kel and a contestant character counts as one point for that contestant. So please join us if you ship Kel with: Alanna of Pirate's Swoop and Olau, Baird of Queenscove, Buri Tourakom, Domitan of Masbolle, Faleron of King's Reach, Joren of Stone Mountain, Lalasa Isran, Nealan of Queenscove, Owen of Jesslaw, Raoul of Goldenlake and Malorie's Peak, Rikash Moonsword, Sabine of Macayhill, Uline of Hannalof, Vania of Conte, Wyldon of Cavall, and/or Yukimi noh Daiomoru.... or if you previously didn't, but think you could.

The first contest pits Uline of Hannalof against Alanna of Pirate's Swoop and Olau in one arena, and Wyldon of Cavall against Domitan of Masbolle in the other.

Schedule, and my COMPLETELY unbiased opinions, under the cut. )

Just realized I don't have a "het" tag yet. Ok, now I do, I'll see if I can remember to start using it...
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Today was my day off, and I spent an insanely large part of it copying fics over to AO3, then futzing around with tags, ratings, formatting & so on. I believe that I've now archived all the stories I've posted, anywhere, since I got re-involved in online fandom earlier this year. Except one, which I'm clearly not going to finish & I decided I don't like that much anyway. (Oh yeah, I'm PeroxidePirate there, too.)

buncha stats + link to a brand new Firefly fic under the cut! )

I had some other thoughts on Yuletide (I'm stuck! Meep!) and Real Life (dogs + rain =/= fun; bleached-blond hair "temporarily" dyed black = Big Adventures in Coloration)... but, again, need to do something else with the rest of my evening. Like fix the hair color. Or focus on the new source material that's going to save my butt in the Yuletide exchange. But we'll see.
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Title: I'm Not Her
Rating: PG
Fandom: Buffy
Disclaimer: These characters and their universe are not owned by me.
Characters: Dawn/Xander
Summary: Very short Dawn/Xander fluff, based around a conversation they have to have. Contains very minor spoilers for S8 up to issue 26.

'cause they're so cute together... )
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Title: In the Dungeon
Rating: PG
Fandom: Buffy/Angel
Disclaimer: These characters and their universe are not owned by me.
Characters: Spike, Buffy, Willow, Kennedy, Xander, Renee, Dawn
Summary: Post NFA, Spike finds himself on a hillside in Scotland, and then encounters some friends from Sunnydale. Picks up where my story, At the Gates, leaves off... but you'll understand what's going on in this one even if you haven't read that one.

Sheep's blood? That's a new one. )
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A quick (1000 word) fic set during Buffy Season 3, Joyce pays Rupert Giles a visit.

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