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Note to self: get a fruit/dessert icon of some kind.

The jam set up fine, and is delicious! I used low sugar pectin, which is my new favorite canning supply because it's not too sweet and the fruit flavor came out really intense. (For comparison, a batch of traditional jam uses 7 cups of sugar to 5 cups of fruit. This one uses 2 1/2 cups of sugar to 7 cups of fruit.)

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Guys, I may finally have a name for my Tumblr page.

I posted a while ago about turnovers. Well, today we made another batch -- little ones, like the original recipe says (for the record: 425 degrees; YES MAKE SURE TO POKE THEM WITH A FORK; 10 to 15 minutes(? I didn't look at the clock)), filled with the following:

-- Braeburn apple slices (3 apples:double batch of dough)
-- shredded sharp white cheddar cheese (8 oz)
-- a dab of honey mustard dressing (4 oz. total)
-- stout-caramelized onion+apple chutney-thing (would've been just caramelized onions, but I didn't have enough) (1/2 onion+1 apple)

They're possibly even better than the spinach dip ones. I could eat the entire batch right now.

I've also made two batches of beef & ale pies with puff pastry crust at work this weekend (puff pastry not made from scratch, because of time and space/equipment constraints :-/ ). That's also kind of fun. Between the beef pies and the turnovers, now I want to move to someplace they spell it colour and open a pie shop.

Tagging this entry recipes, since that's about as precise as most of my non-baking recipes get, so there.


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