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And why do all the Enterprise-D crewmembers have sons rather than daughters, anyway? There's Wesley and Alexander, plus Troi and Picard each have a one episode "son." The only exception is Data's one episode positronic child, who chooses to be a human female.

So possibly I need to write fic in which Geordi's ex is assigned to the enterprise and brings along an eight-year-old daughter. So there.

Better yet if she's all about the martial arts and wants to be a security officer when she grows up, because it would be fun to write Geordi and Worf commiserating about how they just don't understand their kids.

Possibly the little girl will be on the Enterprise with her mama and step-mom, to keep kid!fic from bogging down in "do they or don't they get back together?" and also as an excuse to write more female characters.

Yeah, this plot has legs.

*needs a Geordi icon*
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Post fic-exchange season, it may be necessary for me to write some Geordi and Data fic. Or Geordi/Data. Regardless, there will be one about Geordi attempting to train Data's cat. BECAUSE. PET!FIC IN SPACE.

Relatedly, guess who just got the whole entire series of TNG at 70% off from's pre-Black Friday sale? Awwwwww yeah!
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From [ profile] q_sama. This was fun!

The one who seduced you, screwed you over, broke your heart into a million pieces, and laughed about it Daria.

The old flame you don't see very often any more but whom you still enjoy getting together with for a few drinks and maybe a pleasant nostalgic romp Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The mysterious dark one with whom you used to sit up talking until 3 AM at weird coffee houses and with whom you were quite smitten until you realized that s/he really was fucking crazy Firefly.

The one you spent a whole weekend in bed with and who drank up all your liquor and whom you'd really like to get with again, although you're relieved that s/he doesn't live in town:  Aurthurian mythology, specifically Catherine Christian's The Sword and the Flame.

The steady: none right now; the last was Emelan.

The alluring stranger whom you've flirted with at parties but have never gotten really serious with  Provost's Dog; also Bloody Jack.

The one you hang out with and have vague fantasies about maybe having a thing with, but ultimately you're just good buddies  Diana Wynne Jones, many books.

The one your friends keep introducing you to and who seems like a hell of a cool person except that it's never really gone anywhere  Doctor Who.

The one who's slept with all your friends, and you keep looking at him/her and thinking, "How the hell did you land all these cool people?"  Harry Potter.

The one who gave you the best damned summer of your life and against whom you measure all other potential partners  Tortall.

The one you recently met at a party and would like to get to know better  Twelve Houses.

The old flame you wouldn't totally object to hooking up with again for a one-night romp if only they'd clean up a bit  Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Your hot new flame Um, see above, though I don't know how serious it is.

The one who stole your significant other I once had a relationship fall to pieces over Daria and Dave Matthews Band. And Miriam's heart currently belongs to Doctor Who.
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Watching a TNG episode called "Coming of Age," in which Wesley Crusher undergoes an Ordeal of Knighthood psych test in which he must face his deepest fears and Captain Picard is offered the position of Training Master Director of Star Fleet Academy.

I need an icon that just says, "fangirl cackle."
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As many of you already know, I've resigned from moderating at Goldenlake. I haven't been on the board that much recently, and I'm really feeling the shortness of time, the long hours I'm working, and so many places (fandom and not) I'd like to direct whatever energy remains. I'm not leaving Pierce fandom entirely, and I'm sure I'll wander on over after I eventually read Bloodhound. Plus, one way or another, I'll try not to lose touch with my wonderful Glake friends! But I need to step back for a while.

Meanwhile, I'm slowly working my way through Star Trek: The Next Generation, and loving it with as much intensity as I did in the early 90s, when I saw it all the first time. I keep meaning to put up reaction posts to individual episodes, but so far I haven't because... well, I'd rather watch the next episode than stop to write about the one I just saw. *grin* I'm still on the first season, and delighted to be fangirling something with this much canon to enjoy.  

I'm still enamored with Doctor Who, too, in all of the incarnations I've seen. The second half of S6 starts up pretty soon, and I really would like to watch some classic Who, too. Also Torchwood: Miracle Day, which I must figure out how to get sometime soon.

Then, I've started Fortune and Fate as commute reading, and might have to track down more Sharon Shinn after that. And/or the rest of the Tomorrow series. Definitely the second and third Hunger Games books. And Will Grayson Will Grayson in paper-book form, since I loved it so much as an audio-book.

So you see the fangirl is not going to get bored any time soon.

Tangentially, I'm out of inspiration to write anything at all. I don't even know if I'll do NaNoWriMo this year. I need to recharge the creativity with no pressure on myself to meet deadlines or participate in events. I'm also missing the process of editing and refining what I write, so I might put some time into editing and/or expanding some of my recent fics. Anyway, I don't feel like I have writer's block, exactly -- just like I need a break, like I'm not ready to create anything else just now.

All of this means I'm dropping into fandom!lurker mode for now, if I'm involved in fandom(s) much at all. Eventually something will grab me strongly enough for me to return to searching out fandom communities and hunting down and/or writing fic... it always does! I just don't know what, or when.

Until then, this journal will be primarily "friends only," and about my day to day life (dogs, running, cooking, my friends and family). If I don't have you friended and you'd like me to, drop a line. If I do have you friended and you're not interested in that stuff, defriending amnesty is in full effect.


Jul. 3rd, 2011 09:29 pm
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AKJSDLGFJAS;DJGK Star Trek: The Next Generation is on Netflix instant watch now!




I have spent the last ~4 years really really wanting to rewatch it, but not having cable and lacking the wherewithal to track it down an episode or a few episodes at a time, and couldn't quite justify buying it all on DVD when I hadn't seen much of it since the age of about 14 and don't actually know what I'll think of it now. SO. This makes me really happy!

PSA: other Star Trek variants are available on streaming, too. Likewise the first few seasons of Twilight Zone, which Miriam is right now asdljfkdsjfsing about.

There will be much geeking in my household. I am pleased.
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Here is one of the niftier things the internet has brought me recently (courtesy of [ profile] gabrielleabelle ): 

"Here at The Girls on Film, we take great film scenes between men and recreate them with women."

So far there are three: scenes from The Town, Fight Club and Star Trek. The last is the only one I've watched, since I haven't seen the source material for the other two -- but I've watched it about six times. I'm kind of in love with lady Pike, and if I wanted to be James T. Kirk already, well -- this cements it.

Also, I'm creating a "topic: feminism" tag -- I can't think why I didn't have one before, except that feminism informs my take on everything, so I'm not sure there's a purpose to tagging it. But hey, there it is.


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