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In no particular order:

  1. I finally watched "The Rebel Flesh" yesterday and then managed to track down "The Almost People" via (redacted) so I could watch that, too, and asdloojflkadsgf ! Fangirl is still fangirling. (Also, I knew there was a twist, and I managed to figure out what it was about sixty seconds before it was revealed -- which, for me, is pretty damn good.) (So, likely spoilers in comments.)
  2. Clary/Mattes won SMACKDOWN, beating out Briar/Daja/Sandry/Tris by nine entries (out of almost 600). [ profile] treanz  continues to be a genius, and called it immediately after the fight closed, which is fantastic -- it could have come down to some hair-splitting in quality control, and I think we're all so much happier to have it decided. I'm delighted for Team C/M -- nobody really expected them to make it that far! And I had such fun in the final with the other Circlecest writers, which is what I wanted out of SMACKDOWN all along. *happy sigh*
  3. Have a Pony Generator, courtesy of [ profile] boosette . There will be Emelan ponies, and possibly GPOY (Gratuitous Pony of Yourself) versions of Miriam and I on my tumblr very soon.
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Goldenlake members have probably already seen this, but here's the official fight list for SMACKDOWN, and here's an  event bracket I made.

Which I have also screencapped it and set as my desktop wallpaper, so I don't have to keep looking up the dates and match-ups.

I have no idea why I get this obsessed with this thing, but it's happening again.

In the first fight, I'm going to attempt to write some Buri/Thayet. Frankly I think Lark/Rosethorn is a shoe-in -- Luinae already had 100 entries stockpiled as of a few days ago, I suspect [ profile] elsceetaria is writing like crazy,  [ profile] kitty_ryan  is definitely in that corner, and [ profile] q_sama  seems to be as well. So far, team Buri/Thayet seems to be.... Moony, and me. So I'm just hoping we can give them halfway decent showing.

The other arena is two guy-slash pairings I'm ambivalent on (Jon/Zahir and Dom/Evin), so it's kind of off my radar. I do know these two pairings have the same general fanbase (like the two femslash pairings in the first arena), so I'm really not sure who's ended up in which corner. But I found out last year that I can't focus on two fights at once anyway -- at least, not if I'm writing -- so I don't have much to say about that one.

Early commentary on the other fights. )


Feb. 24th, 2011 09:34 pm
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Well, then. I've found my SMACKDOWN OTP OT4.

Team Circlecest for the win! )

DUDE, two things just occurred to me:

1. In the fanfic world, I rarely feel a disconnect when I'm concurrently writing the same character(s) in two conflicting universes/storylines. Well, one of the stressful things about writing for NaNoWriMo last year was having to Decide which path I was taking -- when Olivia would confess her Big Secret; whether Anna would fall for Olivia or remain oblivious. But... there's nothing wrong with writing both, right? If/when I decide to write original fiction again, I should just let it happen if I get two contradictory inspirations, and then sort it out if I ever decide to try selling the thing. Obvious solution is obvious.

2. 40,000 words of SMACKDOWN fic; 50,000 word NaNo novel. That means I wrote another 50,000 words of fiction in bits and pieces over the rest of the year. That's a lot of short stories. (I know I already talked about this a while ago; I lost sight of it, and now it's surprising me all over again.) No wonder I wore myself out by the end of the year; the wonder is that I'm getting all inspired again already!


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