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I made these with [ profile] green_maia in mind, but they're also available to anyone else who would like them. In total there are twelve still icons, one animated gif icon, and a "Friends Only" banner (because the cap just suggested itself for that application).

(Screencaps are from, and this set of icons focuses heavily on Tennant.)

8 more icons and 1 banner under the cut! )

I mostly make icons with text and pictures both, of course -- most often song lyrics and screencaps. But it feels wrong to slap lyrics over images from a Shakespeare production, and equally wrong to add anything unnecessary when Tennant's face is so expressive. So these are just crops, for the most part. Let me know if you'd like something specific.

(I'm home sick today, and fighting the urge to just wallow in misery. Hence playing with graphics in hope of distracting myself -- and I think it's working.)
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Anybody know of a free program for making/editing animated gifs? Limited-time-free-trials would also be fine. What's not fine is the Bannershop "free trial" the sticks a whole new frame with a hideous stripe across the middle 30% of the icon at the end. "Watermark," my ass.

(Icon, such as it is, is by me and is up for grabs to anyone with the capacity to remove that last frame.)

ETA: GIMP did the trick! Yay! Thanks [ profile] opalgirl28 !

Further ETA: [ profile] green_maia , I don't know your feelings on animated gifs, but if they don't drive you mad, you're welcome to snag this one. I'm working on some other Hamlet icons, too.


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