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Dear author,

Thanks for signing up to write for me! I'm a little late posting this -- apologies. If you're more organized than I am and have already started or planned your fic, please, carry on. I am beyond squee-ful at the prospect of a whole ficathon devoted to femslash, and I will be absolutely delighted to receive a fic for any of these requests.

But if you were waiting for a little more information, well. I like plot and fluff and angst-with-a-happy-ending and most AUs. You'll notice that most of the things I requested are sci fi or fantasy of some kind; I'm not much interested in "real world" or "all human" AUs, because I'm a genre nerd at heart, you see. Oh, I'm also quite ok with crossovers, as long as I'm familiar with both fandoms -- so should you feel compelled to cross any of my requests over with each other, or with anything else I've offered to write, please go ahead.

Ok, so I was going to share a little more info about my requests, but... honestly, I'm bored of all my ideas, and I know I'll be happy with whatever you choose to write. So have fun! And again, thank you.


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I have so much to say, in terms of fandom stuff, and I don't have time for all of it now. So, in five twenty minutes...

First I have to rec the Yuletide story I received: It's Beautiful and So Are You, by mjules. Under the cut: Across The Universe, a retelling of Athurian legend, and Chicago the movie. )Fourth, I'm not doing the whole recs-post thing after all. But I did bookmark a bunch of stuff I liked, so if anyone's interested, it's here. In a nutshell, it's mostly classic film slash, kids' lit femslash, sci-fi novel happy endings, everything I could find based on the Diana Wynne Jones books I've read (because there are still some I haven't), and Futurama & How I Met Your Mother crack!fic (not like the shows themselves aren't/weren't cracky all the time anyway).

I think that covers it. Happy New Year!


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