Dec. 3rd, 2010 05:17 pm
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First, [ profile] kitty_ryan  wrote me a fantastic Doctor Who fic, related to "The Girl in the Fireplace," La Belle en Vous Aimant. Reinette watches as Rose forgets to turn left. I've flailed like crazy about it on her LJ, and in a comment on the story itself, but I haven't yet recced it here. So. It's lovely; go read it.

Second, I've archived something like 15 recent stories at both Archive of Our Own and The King's Own (except for the one that wasn't Tamora Pierce fic; that one's only at A03), including various birthday fics for various people, and all my Peculiar Pairings entries. I also have one story and a couple of drabbles that have ribbons at TKO, because they placed in Piercefic and the Goldenlake Drabble Tournament!
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Again with the convergence of multiple areas of my life, though this one's somewhat more trivial: I find myself absolutely surrounded by David Tennant fangirls. Not sure what to make of it, but... ladies, y'all are adorable with the squeefulness, so carry on.

I even have a contribution, in case anyone hasn't seen it:Pretty picture. )

This segues nicely into another bit of fannish rambling. I'm still slowly making a second pass through New Who, as I tend to do with shows I get obsessed over.

The other day, I re-watched "The Girl in the Fireplace." Spoilers to that episode under the cut; possible full-series spoilers in comments. )

Of course, that drives all more complicated thoughts entirely out of my head. And that's ok: I'm home for the night, I have a beer and a cheese sandwich, and I still have room for several dozen more LJ icons. So I'm going to play with pretty pictures of pretty girls.


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