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Whew! My very last PPF fic is up! Here, I'll just paste in the headers from Glake.

Title: Place of Safety
Rating: PG-13
Length: about 2500 words
Fandom: Emelan
Summary: Daja and Sandry talk things over and reach a conclusion.
Peculiar Pairing: Daja/Sandry; also Briar/Evvy, mention of Sandry/Rosethorn, and a bit of Daja/Lark if you squint.
Note: As threatened promised, this is fanfic of a fanfic, written as an early birthday present for Kit -- the brilliant idea is hers, really, but any sketchy characterization or awkward prose is mine.

[ profile] kitty_ryan , I hope your month is off to a fantastic start! In case I'm in a NaNo vortex later, and also because of PPF, and also because I need to stop tweaking this already, I'm posting it early. ♥

(Side note: I'm at just over 6000 NaNo words! Squee!)
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Title: Wide World Before Me
Fandom: Tamora Pierce (Emelan universe)
Length: approx. 10,000 words
Rating: R (due to one scene that deals with war, alludes to rape, and includes the death of a minor character)
Summary: In the months after Will of the Empress, Daja and the rest of the Circle work toward finding a way to heal.

Notes: This was written as a series of ficlets, for the August 2010 prompts at the LJ 31_days community. As such, it's not necessarily a complete story, though all of the ficlets are connected and (except for one rearrangement at the very end) all are sequential. Eventually I'd like to expand this and fill in some of the gaps between ficlets, but for now, I thought I might as well post it here.

Also note: fic is at my Dreamwidth account, because it's too big for one post here on Livejournal.

"It was still summer in Emelan: real summer, the kind Namorn would never know."


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