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I've finished Reader and Raelynx, and thus the original Twelve Houses quartet. I have Fortune and Fate, the tacked-on-because-the-main-character-demanded-to-be-written-about fifth book, cued to read next -- and I have high hopes for it* -- but I'm taking a little time to catch my breath first.

I loved Reader and Raelynx almost as much as Mystic and Rider. I really enjoy Cammon's perspective: he's genuine, uncalculating, and wonderfully excited/pleased/interested by life in general. And he's always aware of his own and other people's emotions, which I expect would make him less irritating/embarrassing than most people with such a childlike outlook. Next time someone asks me, "If you could have any 5 fictional characters over for dinner, who would you pick?" Cammon is so on the list. I like the way his awareness of Gillengaria's political situation develops over the course of the book, too; despite a bunch of spoilery rambling ) I loved this book and will probably reread it, along with Mystic and Rider, many times in the future.

*I'm predisposed to like tacked-on-because-the-main-character-demanded-to-be-written-about fifth books. One of my favorite books of all time, Ellen Emerson White's The Road Home, is such a book. It's out of print, but so. very. much. worth reading, even if you haven't read the preceding series. I don't say this lightly, but I'll say it about this book: everyone needs to read it. Perhaps I'll do a reread and review/commentary on that sometime soon.
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I finally finished Sharon Shinn's Dark Moon Defender, after reading about 1/4 of it and listening to the rest on audiobook. Some thoughts, in no particular order:
Comments, some spoilery. )

And finally, I want to set Shinn writing 100-word-exactly drabbles for a while to break her of the tendency to over-describe. Again, this might be something that jumps out at me more in audio form where one can't skim past the superfluous description, but holy batman, that's a lot of verbose prose!

I want to know what comes next. That outweighs any annoyance over specific bits, so yes, I'm going right on to the next book.
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I finished The Thirteenth House! Today I'm heading back to the library in search of the next one.

I certainly enjoyed it, but I didn't find it nearly as compelling as I did Mystic and Rider. I guess that's a given, really: I like Kirra, but she's not Senneth.

(Sidebar: right now, at least, I love Senneth more than any other character, ever. Clearly a reread -- or audio-book listen? -- of Mystic and Rider is in order, and then maybe I'll write more about her. But first I would like to read the third and fourth books, at least, so I know what else happens!)

(Spoilery) thoughts on The Thirteenth House below the cut. )
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I spent equal parts of last night:
  1. sleeping
  2. trying to sleep
  3. getting bored of (2.) and reading The Thirteenth House instead.

In which I gush about The Twelve Houses again (without any major spoilers). )
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Oh, Facebook.

friends, "boy trouble" and chain letters )

OTOH: I am 100-ish pages into Sharon Shinn's Mystic and Rider, and loving it. And rambling. )

In other news, I had the best long walk I've had with the dogs in ages, maybe because the temperature was up around freezing! (City Mouse does not like the cold, you see.) And I got some kick ass blue boots! And finished my Christmas shopping! And now I am off to read some more.


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