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I'm supposed to come up with a couple of Indian cuisine specials by Tuesday and I know next to nothing about Indian cooking. One of the pub's owners requested gobi Manchurian -- battered cauliflower with "spicy Manchurian sauce" -- which sounds doable. I think I'll serve that as an appetizer, so now I need a soup and an entree. The entree should be vegetarian, or something that can easily be served in a vegetarian and, say, a chicken version.

So hey, friends, would anyone be willing to help me with links or ideas? I would love you forever! Also, I offer up cooking advice and/or recipes for American, American-vegetarian, and Mexican cuisine as a trade (or just because).
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So, about this LJ HTML editor update....

Is anyone else ready to pull their hair out?

Mostly I write entries in rich text, then edit in HTML if I need to. The update, though. Firefox spellcheck no longer works in rich text mode (though it's there in HTML). And more to the point, line breaks are fucked. If I edit an already-posted entry, all the line/paragraph breaks disappear completely and I am left with Wall o' Text, in rich text or HTML. I was hoping it was a Firefox issue (since I'm on the verge of dumping this browser anyway, only I've been too lazy so far), but alas, I have the same problem in Chrome.

What gives? Any suggestions for how to deal?
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Anybody know of a free program for making/editing animated gifs? Limited-time-free-trials would also be fine. What's not fine is the Bannershop "free trial" the sticks a whole new frame with a hideous stripe across the middle 30% of the icon at the end. "Watermark," my ass.

(Icon, such as it is, is by me and is up for grabs to anyone with the capacity to remove that last frame.)

ETA: GIMP did the trick! Yay! Thanks [ profile] opalgirl28 !

Further ETA: [ profile] green_maia , I don't know your feelings on animated gifs, but if they don't drive you mad, you're welcome to snag this one. I'm working on some other Hamlet icons, too.


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