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Jumping on this bandwagon: I vehemently don't ship Livejournal/Facebook! There's some overlap, yeah, but mostly I keep this part of my life cordoned off from Real Life. I like having a part of the internet where I can be unprofessional and inappropriate if I feel like it. I don't need my mom knowing I sometimes write smut, I don't need my boss knowing any details of my mental health issues, and I don't need the subject of my unrequited crush knowing just how much energy has gone down that rabbit hole.

Therefore: please don't cross-post any comments you leave on my journal to Facebook, especially if you happen to be friends with me there, too.

'K, thanks.

ETA: I'll definitely never crosspost any comments I make or link to anyone else's posts on Facebook, either! I'm not even connecting my account here with my Facebook identity. Nope. Not clicking that button.
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Dear Wednesday,

Fuck you. Fuck you hard, with sharp objects.

We're through, do you hear me, Wednesday? It's over.

And do you know why? You lied to me, Wednesday. You promised me you weren't like Thursday; you said you weren't unpredictable and you promised you'd never try to be bad-ass like Friday and Saturday. You said you were as slow and steady as Tuesday. You said being with you wouldn't get in the way of my other activities. You said you weren't needy.

You lied.

It's all lies.

I can't take it anymore. At least Monday and Thursday were honest about being bipolar. I know, going in, that Thursday will be a clingy bitch one week and an easy-going sweetheart another. If I expect it, I can deal.

But Wednesday, you're already swearing that this was just a(nother) fluke. I can hear you.

I'm not buying it anymore. It's over. I'm going back to Thursday. You'd better find somebody else to deal with your lies.


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