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My latest fandom love is BBC's Sherlock; S2 began airing on January 1. I'm still processing my thoughts on it, but I can say I loved the first episode and can't wait to see the rest. (I believe there will be three, each about 90 minutes long, so in American terms it's more like a "mini series.")

But I'm having a little bit of a crisis over the fact that I am so much in love with something for the male characters. Every episode so far has failed Bechdel test (there are several interesting female characters, but like everyone else in the story, they exist only in relation to the two male leads Sherlock himself, not to each other), which at one point would have kept me from watching the show at all. I am bothered by specific instances of sexism in the storytelling,* which I have sadly learned to expect from Steven Moffat. But I like other aspects of the show enough to keep watching -- and reading fanfic -- for Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. (Sherlock says things about relationships and labels and people's priorities and the way our brains work, and it's all fascinating)

*The code to the safe is Irene's measurements? Really? And the whole scheme was actually Moriarty's idea, not hers? Really?

Anyway, I think I'll just go with it, and enjoy fangirling the show and troll AO3 for Irene!fic. But then I need to throw myself into a fandom-place with more ladies, hopefully one with lots of femslash potential.

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I watched it yesterday, and enjoyed it. Actually, I think Irene totally pwned every male in the episode. Moriarty may have thought she was working for him, but I think she used him as well, and may even have placed that timely call to him in order to avoid him murdering Sherlock and John (otherwise, why would she have stopped in the middle of a session with her royal customer to make the call, instead of calling him at a different time?)

I never thought the bomb plot was Irene's; she is a seller of information and simply knew that Moriarty was out there seeking some. I figure she found out about "the Holmes boys" through selling it to him and got further involved because she was fascinated by both of them. She's amoral, but she's not the psycho Moriarty is; she never would have been interested in bombing an airliner.
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